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At KornDev, we like projects that challenge us and push the limits of what WordPress can do. For custom projects, we’ll put together a team of creative, messaging and development specialists to bring your website idea to life.

We will stop at nothing to understand your business, your needs, your brand (and it’s history!), your messaging and build you a site that will maximize the marriage between beauty and functionality.


The very first step in any successful website design and development project is discovery. Once we’ve selected a UI designer to team up with for your project, we’ll begin the process by understanding your business and your needs from a new website. Do you need e-commerce capabilities? Are you selling digital or physical products? Does your business create rich media like video and photos? Does your competitor have a new website that you are trying to compete with? These are just a handful of the questions that will come up in the discovery process. The key is: the more we know, the better your site.


Once we’ve completed the discovery process the designer will take everything they’ve learned and create a custom user interface (UI) design. Our UI design partners can create interactive experiences, data-driven and intuitive e-commerce designs, simple and efficient mobile designs and all while maximizing your businesses strengths.


Once you approve the design, it will be handed over for development. That’s when the fun starts! Our coders have been doing this a long time and have experience building sites for everything from non-profits, mom-and-pop shops and small wineries in California (we didn’t drink on the job, we swear) all the way up to large enterprise builds for prominent venture-backed startups. We will build your site to be maximally efficient; both in how it runs (fast!) and how easily you can manage it.

We take pride in writing “clean” code.  That just means that we are painstakingly organized and deliberate in our approach to coding so that the source code of the finished website will always be easy to update and maintain – whether we do it or someone else does.


When we have completed the design and build process for your website, you will have the chance to test it out in a closed beta environment. Once we receive your stamp of approval, we’ll migrate it to the hosting of your choice, provide some basic search engine optimization, and turn it live for the world to see.

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