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WordPress is the world’s #1 content management system (CMS) for a reason; it is remarkably easy to use and provides powerful customizability to any website. We specialize in taking existing non-WordPress sites or brand new website designs and “powering” them with WordPress.But what does that mean? That means whether your site is e-commerce, media-rich, requires a “members only” section or needs to withstand heavy traffic, we have the experience to painlessly convert it to run on WordPress. It means we can put the power to change content, images, videos, colors and even organization right in your hands – and you don’t even have to know the first “<” about coding.It also means that your site will benefit from  the collective experience of tens of millions of other WordPress users and be built on the most stable, efficient, intuitive and headache-free content management system. WordPress has too many features to list, but trust us when we say that we have yet to find something it can’t do.
For clients that want to power an existing site or design with WordPress, we also include a few other services we’d be remiss not to mention:

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) setup and implementation to ensure your new website can be found and indexed properly by Google and other search engines.
  • “Clean” code that we guarantee will be easy to update and maintain – whether by us or someone else.
  • WordPress training videos to ensure that you feel capable and comfortable as you begin managing your new site.

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